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(Frequently Asked Questions)
How soon should I book my moonwalk?
For the best selection, as soon as possible. Our inflatables are booked first come first served so the sooner you book the better your selection will be.  The cutoff for reservations is 2 days in advance.  For example, if your party is on a Saturday the last day to reserve would be on that Thursday before.
Can the inflatable be set up in a driveway or cul de sac?
The preferred area is a smooth grassy area. However, paved driveways are also acceptable. Please discuss this when booking so we can make arrangements to properly secure the inflatable.
Are your inflatables insured?
Yes - all of our inflatables carry a liability insurance policy.
What is your delivery charge?
Benham's Bounceables provides free delivery, set-up, and breakdown. Your inflatable will be set up and ready prior to your scheduled time. We come back after your party and take care of all the breakdown as well.
How does the moonwalk stay inflated?
All of our moonwalks require a standard 110 three prong outlet. The moonwalk must be placed within 100 feet of this outlet. If it is to be placed in a field or further than 100 feet of an outlet then you would need to have a generator. Benham's Bounceables could furnish this, however, we would need advance notice and there would be an additional charge.
I want to have my party at a park, is that okay?
If you are planning a party at Henrico, Chesterfield, Richmond City, Charlottesville, and most other parks have their own reservation forms that you would need to fill out.  If you are reserving a shelter and there is power at the shelter, we can use that to power the inflatables.  If there is no power available then you would need to rent a generator as well.  Due to the complexities of setting up in parks we add an addtional  $25 fee.
What kind of deposit do you require?
We require a 10% credit card deposit when you make the reservation, with the balance due at delivery.  At delivery you can pay by cash or check, or we can charge the remaining balance to the credit card that you used to make the deposit.
What if it rains?
At Benham's Bounceables we have a simple policy - if we set it up we would expect payment, if we don't set it up we don't expect payment. Weather is very unpredictable in that it can start or stop raining at any time. If it is a downpour and forecast for heavy rain all day we would not set up. Otherwise, we really just "play it by ear" and stay in contact with you prior to your scheduled time.