Charity Events

Giving Back

So for the last 15 years or so Benham's Bounceables has made many equipment donations and discounts for many wonderful causes. Lately we have noticed that at many of these great events there always seems to be one thing that you can't miss - the T- Shirt!  This got us to thinking, hmm, we love t-shirts!  I wonder if there is a way that we could get a couple of shirts or even be on the back of one of those many shirts we've seen at all those events?  

So this year we would like to continue to participate in the many wonderful causes and collect some cool event swag in the process.  If you or your organization are on a limited budget and would like to add a moonbounce to your event let us know.  We would love a spot on an event t-shirt and would like to add to our wardrobe as well.  Reach out to us and let us help with your cause.

Official Sponsor of More Birthdays

Blue skies and sunshine welcomed hundreds of students and community members to Carr's Hill Field on Friday April 15th.  to the annual UVA Relay for Life event.  The overnight event was the culmination of the year long fundraising effort for the American Cancer Society.  While delivering an extra large funhouse the enthusiasm was everywhere as I was greeted by many great people that were gearing up for a long fulfilling night.  Hanging balloons and banners, setting up registration tables, setting the stage, everyone was in a festive mood.  Upon my return at 5:30 a.m. the much chillier weather did not deter the  enthusiasm of the relayers that remained as the fundraising totals were announced.  $179,333.16 and counting! Wow, great work everyone.  To contribute, or read some great stories check out their website at

It's Great to be a Kid

Yes it is!  That theme was on display at the Sigma Delta Tau's recent "It's Great to be a Kid" carnival to benefit the prevention of child abuse.  According to the  2013 statistics provided by the  Child Welfare League of America, there were nearly 6000 victims of child abuse or neglect in the state of Virginia in 2013 and 33 children in Virginia died as a result of abuse or neglect.  The proceeds from the carnival, presented by, Sigma Delta Tau, went directly to Prevent Child Abuse America whose mission is to prevent the abuse and neglect of all children in the United States.

Race to Parenthood

Let's face it - without kids, Benham's Bounceables would be out of business.  So with that in mind, it was a great pleasure supporting the third annual Race to Parenthood 5k on Saturday April 2nd at the West Creek Business Park in Goochland County.  Benham's Bounceables provided a 15x15 Camelot Castle and a couple of "wavy fly guys" to add to the festivities.  The chilly rainy weather did not stop over 200 runners from running to support those who struggle on their path to parenthood.  According to the non-profit organizations website, the race to parenthood proceeds will be distributed to five featured couples to "help fund their fertility treatments or adoption journeys."  We sincerely hope to see the results of the featured couples at some birthday parties in a few years!  For more information and some great event photos check them out on their facebook page at

March for Babies

On May 17th we provided our 40 foot obstacle for March of Dimes March for Babies.  The mission of the March of Dimes is to help moms have full-term pregnancies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies.  According to the website the local chapters of the March of Dimes "focus primarily on three broad areas:  educating women and their families on how to have the healthiest possible pregnancy, either now or in the future, and educating health care professionals by providing continuing education on a variety of topics related to preconception health, prenatal care, and supporting families in the newborn intensive care unit; caring for pregnant women by ensuring they have access to quality prenatal care and services that may reduce the risk of poor birth outcomes; and supporting families whose babies are either born prematurely or have other conditions that require them to be admitted to the NICU."

To make a donation to this worthy cause or get more information, visit them at