About Benham’s Bounceables


We've come a long way since that first Red Castle bounce  house back in 1998. 

first bounce house

Jump in the way back machine and remember the days when the late night infomercials proclaimed, "There I was living in a one bedroom bungalow without a nickel  to my name."  Well, it wasn't that bad, but 20 years ago we were looking for something to do to pass the time.  Countless "opportunity" magazines later (back before the internet, remember those days?) we found ourselves with a moonwalk and thought, "Well if it doesn't work out at least we will have something for our future kids to play in."  Twenty years, 2 kids in high school and college, thirty something inflatables, and countless happy children and grown ups alike, Benham's Bounceables is still "Keepin 'Em Hoppin'" from Richmond to Charlottesville,  Virginia.