About Us

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Frog bounce

"There I was, broke, unemployed, and living in a one bedroom bungalow without a nickel to my name".
Well, it wasn't as bad as the infomercials lead you to believe but we at Benham's Bounceables were looking for something to do to pass the time.
Countless "opportunity " magazines later we found ourselves with a moonwalk and thought, "Well, if it doesn't work out at least we will have something for our kids to play in (if we ever have any). Fifteen years, two kids, thirty something inflatables and numerous happy customers later we are still "KEEPIN' 'EM HOPPIN" all around Richmond and the surrounding areas.
 That first moonwalk, pictured below,  was "retired" years ago and we continue to update our inventories each year.  
Please let Benham's Bounceables make your next event a hoppin' good time!

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