Official Sponsor of More Birthdays

Blue skies and sunshine welcomed hundreds of students and community members to Carr's Hill Field on Friday April 15th.  to the annual UVA Relay for Life event.  The overnight event was the culmination of the year long fundraising effort for the American Cancer Society.  While delivering an extra large funhouse the enthusiasm was everywhere as I was greeted by many great people that were gearing up for a long fulfilling night.  Hanging balloons and banners, setting up registration tables, setting the stage, everyone was in a festive mood.  Upon my return at 5:30 a.m. the much chillier weather did not deter the  enthusiasm of the relayers that remained as the fundraising totals were announced.  $179,333.16 and counting! Wow, great work everyone.  To contribute, or read some great stories check out their website at